7 Common W-2 Filing Errors that Employers should be aware of!

Now it is time to file your Form W-2 with the SSA to report wages paid to employees and taxes withheld. The same information must be furnished to your employees.

Before getting started with your filing make sure that you avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Reporting W-2s on wrong Form
  2. Sending the W-2s to the IRS instead of the Social Security Administration
  3. Not Using IRS Approved Forms (paper filers)
  4. Failing to use black ink
  5. Making entries too large or too small
  6. Failing to include the decimal and cents on amount
  7. Filing by paper, when required to file electronically

While these are not all of the possible errors that can occur, these will be eliminated when you choose to E-file your returns with the SSA through TaxBandits.

TaxBandits, an IRS authorized e-file provider makes your W2 filing easier. Just input your Form data manually, or using bulk upload templates.

We file your W2s with Federal, State and mail recipient copies on time. Our data validations ensure that your W2s are error free to transmit with the SSA.

Get Started Now

If you have any questions about W-2 E-Filing, contact the TaxBandits Support Center in Rock Hill, SC at 704.684.4751 between the hours of 8am – 6pm EST, Monday through Friday or email support@TaxBandits.com.  We have Spanish support too!

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