Considering E-filing Form 941 for the First Quarter of 2021? Here are 5 Reasons You Should!

The benefits of e-filing Form 941!

The quarterly Form 941 deadline is less than two weeks away, so it should be on every employer’s “to-do” list at this point. If you are used to paper filing your Form 941 with the IRS, now is a great time to consider filing your form electronically. 

There are so many great benefits to filing your Form 941 electronically, especially when you choose TaxBandits as your IRS authorized e-file provider! 

TaxBandits supports Form 941 as well as over 70 payroll and employment tax forms that business owners and tax professionals need to maintain IRS compliance themselves, or on behalf of their clients. 

Here are the top 5 reasons you should start filing with TaxBandits today!

Convenience is Key

Whether you are a business owner wearing many hats, or a tax professional managing your clients’ IRS compliance, the process should be as simple as possible! After a decade in the IRS e-filing game, TaxBandits understands this, and our team is dedicated to updating our filing process and adding time saving features for your benefit.

With TaxBandits, you can skip the post office, there is no need to mail your Form 941 to the IRS, we also handle recipient copies of any other forms you may file with us, like the 1099-NEC or W-2. 

Not ready to complete your form in one sitting? TaxBandits allows you to pick up where you left off by saving your progress! Plus, you can easily confer with colleagues and staff members securely through your TaxBandits account with multi-user access. This is extremely helpful if you’re still working remotely!

TaxBandits is here to help you e-file without the stress of hassle of annual fees and sign-up costs. Creating your TaxBandits account is free, you won’t be prompted for a payment until you transmit your form. You can even make your tax payment to the IRS when filing, learn more in this blog post.

Accuracy over Errors

It is proven by the IRS that electronically filed forms have less errors than their paper-filed counterparts. However, TaxBandits takes this one step further with our built-in error checks. The IRS business rules are built into our application, so many potential errors are captured while filinga. You can easily correct them and move on with the form flow!

Be a Worksheet 1 Warrior

941 Worksheet 1 was created by the IRS to help businesses calculate and COVID-19 tax credits that may be claimed throughout the quarter. While it may look a bit intimidating at first glance, it is actually a great tool to help you file your Form 941. With TaxBandits there is no need to stress over worksheet 1, you can conquer it! With TaxBandits, worksheet 1 is built into the filing flow, making the tax calculations a breeze. 

Zero to Report? Zero Stress!

Unless you are a seasonal employer, or fall into one of the other exceptions, you must file Form 941 every quarter. Even if you have no taxes to report for the quarter. To help these employers save time, our team created the Zero-filing Feature.

Simply indicate that you have no taxes to report when you begin your Form 941, and the application will take you to the end of the filing flow to review your form. That’s all there is to it!

Know where you Stand with the IRS

One of the best reasons to file your Form 941 electronically is that you will know where you stand with the IRS. When you transmit the form electronically, you will receive an instant update and continue to receive updates until the form is accepted. 

When paper filing and placing your form in the mail you won’t have this luxury. You will have no concrete way of knowing when your form arrives at the IRS and given the size of their backlog, it may be a long time before you receive any type of update.

Paper forms just can’t be processed as quickly as forms in the electronic format. Save yourself the headache this quarter!

Ready to start e-filing for the first quarter of 2021? Create a free TaxBandits account today!

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