How To Empower Your Staff with Employee Engagement

With summer vacations on the horizon, employee engagement will give your staff the boost they need to take more initiative and benefit your business overall. Staff Empowerment and Employee Engagement

As a leader, your staff depends on you to create a positive environment that fosters empowerment in the workplace. Here are seven tips on how to empower your staff with employee engagement.

How To Empower Your Staff with Employee Engagement

1. Focus on Open Communication

Employees that work in a positive work environment that fosters open communication tend to excel more and feel that they have a voice and impact. It is important that as a leader, you give clear direction and embrace feedback and ideas from those you have placed on your front line. Although every topic will not result in an open forum, give your employees a structured way to express their thoughts and ensure that their input is valued.

2. Embrace Small Talk

Each of your employees has a story; one that you may never find out if you don’t take the time to converse with them one-on-one. Make it a habit to embrace small talk in a non-formal setting to increase employee motivation. Whether it’s in your office, at lunch, or over a cup of coffee, having a friendly, personable conversation will lead to a warm, productive work environment that will benefit everyone in the long run.  

3. Provide a Safe Haven for Creativity

Creative thinking is one of the greatest incentives of having a team of individuals to work with, as long as you provide a safe haven for creativity.

Give your staff the opportunity to put the challenge in their hands, and you will most likely come out better in the end and realize there are different ways to handle problems that arise within your company or organization.

4. Keep an Open Door Policy

Believe it or not, leaving your office door open throughout the workday sends a strong message of open communication and leadership qualities to your employees.  Implementing an open door policy shows employees that you are concerned about their thoughts and provides them with a consistent opportunity to give their input.

5. Support Time Off

Let’s admit it; there is nothing worse than an employee who is burned out. Working 24/7, 365 will put a strain on your employee and lead to a lack of productivity for your business.

Offer your employees vacation time and support them when they request to use it. Truthfully, if your hardest workers request time off, they most likely need it. Employees will be more efficient and better at their jobs if they are well-rested and rejuvenated.

P.S. The same goes for you as the business owner! Never become so immersed in your business that you forget to take time for yourself. Trust me, I’ve struggled with this for years, so I understand that it is easier said than done, but you can do it!

6. Forgive Mistakes

Always remember that no one is perfect…including yourself. Employees will make mistakes at some point during their tenure with your business, but what is most important is how they bounce back from them.

Give employees a chance display their leadership qualities and by trying something different in a way that it will not put the company in danger so that they can learn from their failures. This will essentially lead to employee motivation and a better understanding of problem-solving.

7. Show Appreciation

*searches for bullhorn* 🗣 Appreciation Goes A Long Way!

Yes, you pay your employees to come to work every day, but it never hurts to express gratitude and appreciation for what they do for the company. Staff Celebration and Appreciation is a great way to empower your staff

Even when working with my organization outside of work, I make it a habit of ending every meeting with a moment of appreciation. “Thank You” goes a long way! Your team will produce high-quality work and be engaged to reach higher heights when the feel appreciated.  

Take Care of Your Employees

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