The Resources Entrepreneurs & Nonprofits Need for LGBT Inclusion 🏳️‍🌈

Small business owner and nonprofit leader preparing LGBT inclusion effortsDid you know that approximately 1.4 million businesses were started by members of the LGBT community?

Yep, from Facebook and PayPal to Calvin Klein, LGBT inclusion and the workplace have worked hand-in-hand for some time now.

TaxBandits parent company, SPAN Enterprises, strongly believes that diversity and inclusion in the workplace are crucial for business development.

Here are some resources entrepreneurs & nonprofits need for LGBT inclusion that will benefit you greatly as you grow your business.


The Resources Entrepreneurs & Nonprofits Need for LGBT Inclusion

Whether you are a member of the LGBT community or not, you will more than likely hire someone that is in the community or have already done so. Use these national resources to provide a positive environment conducive for hard work and service.

Professional Networking


Founded in 1983, OutProfessionals considers itself to be the nation’s leading LGBT networking organization. Its website provides users with a business/membership directory, B2B network groups, job listings, and event postings.

Gay Entrepreneurs Network

The Gay Entrepreneurs Network was founded in 2013 and seeks to connect LGBT entrepreneurs nationwide. For more information about this network, click here.  

Lesbians Who Tech

Lesbians Who Tech is a global community of over 15,000 members with 35+ chapters. Launched in 2012, this organization has national and international summits each year with programs including coding scholarships & Bring a Lesbian to Work Day.


dot429 is considered to be the LinkedIn and Forbes outlet for the LGBT community. The network is free to join and promotes free events across the country that encourages building connections and networking for LGBT entrepreneurs.

LGBT Directories & Media Outlets

Open for Business

Open For Business is an informal coalition of businesses that focuses on building an economic case for LGBT inclusion. The coalition’s main work is to create a report that explains the opportunities associated with LGBT inclusion and the business risks of discrimination.

Affinity Inc.

Affinity Inc, often referred to as AIM, is a quarterly magazine dedicated to the LGBT business community and allies with three main pillars– 1) innovation, 2) success, and 3) loyalty.

Gay Lesbian Directory

The Gay Lesbian Directory is a convenient site that lists businesses and organizations supportive of the LGBT community. You can search by keyword, location, or business type.

LGBT Nonprofits

Gay-Straight Alliance Network

Gay-Straight Alliance Network aims to fight discrimination, harassment, and violence by connecting community and school-based Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) to each other.


Free2Be is a nonprofit organization that serves as advocates for human and civil rights of the LGBTQ community and strives to end violence against them.

Gill Foundation

As one of the nation’s leading funders for efforts to secure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, the Gill Foundation offers grant funding to nonprofits that work to advance equality through research, education, policy, and the legal system. Their main focus lies in securing a change to administrative policies at the state level.

Family Equality Council

Family Equality Council connects, supports, and represents over three million parents who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer in this country along with their six million children. This council works to ensure equality for LGBT families by building community, changing hearts and minds, and advancing social justice for all families.

Human Rights Campaign

Considered to be the largest national gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender advocacy organization, The Human Rights Campaign envisions an America where LGBT people are ensured of their basic equal rights, and can be open, honest and safe at home, at work, and in the community.


Make LGBT Inclusion A Priority

Happy boss and team members celebrating Pride Month and LGBT InclusionOperating a successful business or nonprofit organization requires trustworthy team members. Don’t miss out on an awesome employee or volunteer by not providing an LGBT inclusive work environment.

June is Pride Month and Gay Pride Day is June 23, 2019. There’s no better time to initiate LGBT inclusion efforts than NOW!

Share this informative blog post with your family, friends, and cohorts to get them on board.


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