7 Exclusive Features That Make Filing IRS Form 990 Easy

When it comes to filing IRS Form 990, TaxBandits is the best e-filing solution for your tax-exempt organization. Our program offers exclusive features to make your filing process simple and easy without the complicated IRS terminology. Form 990 filer learning about exclusive features that make filing IRS Form 990 easy

As you prepare to meet the Form 990 due date on May 15th take advantage of these seven exclusive TaxBandits features that make filing IRS Form 990 easy.

7 Exclusive Features That Make Filing IRS Form 990 Easy

Easy & Simple Filing Process

Filing a tax return on your own can be complicated if you’re not filing with an online IRS-authorized e-filer like TaxBandits! We provide a user-friendly software that guides you through a simple interview-style filing process.

Enter the required information into your free account after you select your 990 Series Form, and before you know it your 990 tax form is ready to be transmitted directly to the IRS. TaxBandits even automatically generates the appropriate Schedules for IRS Form 990, 990-EZ, and 990-PF based on your form interview answers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Prior Year Autofill

Prior Year Autofill is TaxBandits’ newest feature; it allows you to easily import data from your previously accepted 990/990-EZ return into the new/current year’s tax return. Tax-exempt organizations love how much time the Prior-Year Autofill saves when filing Form 990.

Basic organization information, revenue, expenses and changes in net assets or fund balances, primary exempt purpose, program service accomplishments, list of officers, directors, trustees, key employees, and more can be imported directly into your current return and reviewed or edited if necessary.

Click here to learn more about the Prior Year Autofill feature.

GuideStar Feature

Considered to be one of our top exclusive features, TaxBandits allows you to instantly send your accepted tax return to GuideStar to be shown on their database of over 1.8 million IRS-recognized nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. Potential donors can find more information about your organization which will benefit you greatly through community outreach, an increase in volunteers, and financial support.

Learn more about TaxBandits and our partnership with GuideStar, here.

Error-Free Filing

Ensure that you are transmitting an error-free 990 tax form to the IRS! TaxBandits will perform an internal audit check to help you avoid any rejected returns and stay compliant with IRS regulations.

Once the return has been checked, you will have access to the return to review it and fix any errors before transmitting the return to the IRS. This feature will benefit each user and its organization in successful, error-free filing to remain compliant with the IRS.

Unlimited Filing

Are you responsible for filing 990 forms for multiple organizations? If you need to e-file for an unlimited number of organizations, you can easily do so from your account. Unlike other e-file providers, you don’t need to create multiple accounts to file Form 990 for multiple organizations.

Simply enter the EIN of the organization and begin the simplified filing process. The unlimited filing feature helps you stay organized and track the tax filing needs of each organization you are associated with.

Real-Time Updates

Eliminate the worry of wondering what is going on with your transmitted 990 Form with our convenient real-time updates. You will receive an instant email and text message notification regarding the status of your transmitted 2017 Form 990 return; a service that you won’t find anywhere else.

All Schedules Are Included

In addition to filing a Form 990 Series tax return, the IRS requires that some nonprofit & tax-exempt organizations provide additional information through what is known as a Schedule.

TaxBandits supports a majority of these schedules and simplifies the process to complete your Form 990 return. All provided Schedules are FREE and automatically generated for you based on information provided while preparing your return with our comprehensive software.

Bulk Upload

Are you a CPA filing on behalf of an organization and have a ton of information that needs to be entered into your clients 990 tax form? TaxBandits makes life easy with our Bulk Upload feature. Easily add and upload all of your client’s annual contributions, officers, employees, and income/expenses at once with our bulk upload option.

Happy Form 990 filer using exclusive taxbandits features

These are just a few of the many exclusive features that make filing IRS Form 990 by the May 15th deadline with TaxBandits a breath of fresh air! Get started today so you can get back to what matters most; making a difference in your community and changing lives for the better.

File IRS Form 990 Online!

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