Form W-2: How To Make Corrections

Problem: You submitted your Form W-2 through ExpressTaxFilings, but now you see there is incorrect information on the return. How do you correct the errors?

Solution: E-file Form W-2c.

Form W-2c:
The purpose of Form W-2c is to correct errors (such as incorrect name, SSN, or amount) on a previously filed Forms W-2, W-2CM, W-2GU, W-2VI, or W-2c filed with the SSA. Also use From W-2c to provide a corrected Form W-2, W-2AS, W-2CM, W-2GU, W-2VI, or W-2c to employees.

Where do you file Form W-2c?
Form W-2c can be quickly filed electronically with, or even paper filed. The SSA encourages all employers to e-file, it makes the process much simpler. Info for paper filing.

When to file Form W-2c?
You will need to file Forms W-2c as soon as possible after you discover an error. As soon as you file Form W-2c, a copy will need to be provided to the listed recipient as well.

How Do You To Make Corrections with Form W-2c?
Correcting employee’s name and/or SSN:
If you are correcting only an employee’s name and/or SSN, complete Form W-2c boxes d through i. Do not complete boxes 1 through 20. Advise your employee to correct the SSN and/or name on his or her original Form W-2. If your employee is given a new social security card following an adjustment to his or her resident status that shows a different name or SSN, file a Form W-2c for the most current year only.

Correcting an incorrect tax year and/or EIN:
To correct an incorrect tax year and/or EIN on a previously submitted Form W-2, file a Form W-2c for each affected employee. Enter the tax year and EIN originally reported, and enter in the “Previously reported” boxes the money amounts that were on the original Form W-2. In the “Correct information” boxes, enter zeros (0). Prepare a second W-2c for each affected employee. Enter zeros (0) in the “Previously reported” boxes, and enter the correct money amounts in the “Correct information” boxes. Enter the correct tax year and/or correct EIN.

Correcting more than one Form W-2 for an employee:
There are two ways to prepare a correction for an employee for whom more than one Form W-2 was filed under the same EIN for the tax year. You can (1) consider all the Forms W-2 when determining the amounts to enter on Form W-2c or (2) file a single Form W-2c to correct only the incorrect Form W-2.

Correcting an Employee’s incorrect address on Form W-2:
If you filed a Form W-2 with the SSA that reported an incorrect address for the employee, but all other information on the Form W-2 was correct, do not file Form W-2c with the SSA merely to correct the address. However, if the address was incorrect on the Form W-2 provided to the employee, you must do one of the following:

1) Issue a new, corrected Form W-2 to the employee that includes the new address. Indicate               “REISSUED STATEMENT” on the new copies. Do not send Copy A of Form W-2 to the SSA.

2) Issue a Form W-2c to the employee that shows the correct address in box i, and all other correct information. Do not send Copy A of Form W-2c to the SSA.

3) Reissue the Form W-2 with the incorrect address to the employee in an envelope showing the correct address or otherwise deliver it to the employee.

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