Get To Know All The Benefits Of ExpressTaxFilings

Today is a special day. On this day, in this blog, we will be interviewing ExpressTaxFilings to get the full story on the features and benefits they provide for their clients.

How can you interview a premier web program built for easy 1099 and W-2 filing-is probably the thought crossing you mind at the moment. It is quite simple; just imagine a talk show stage in front of you. You are an audience member with a list of important questions and the camera man is signaling to start recording, and then….

Welcome to The IRS Tax Filing Show, I’m your host IRiS Approved and we have a great show planned for you today. But before we get to the surprise guest I have a story to share. I was on the phone with a good friend and he asked, “IRiS, you know I don’t want to ever paper file with the IRS again. It just takes forever and I always mess up on those long forms. I was looking into e-filing, but I’m just not sure what to do at this point. Is there a program you would recommend?” I got to chatting away about this nifty web program, ExpressTaxFilings, and my friend suggested I get them on the show so even more people could hear about their amazingness. So audience, are you ready to meet ExpressTaxFilings? Let’s bring’em out….

IRiS Approved: Thank you so much for being on the show today ExpressTaxFilings, can I call you ETF?

ExpressTaxFilings: Of course you can. All my friends call me ETF, the curse of long names I guess.

IRiS Approved: Well ETF, I’ve been reading up on your website and it just seems so convenient and I noticed the Authorized E-file Provider stamp on the top right of the page and could you tell us more about that?

ExpressTaxFilings: Starting with some good questions aren’t we? That small stamp has a big meaning. It authenticates that we are authorized IRS E-File Provider. We had to go through specific protocols to receive that authorization, I mean they just don’t give it out to anyone. This is the IRS we are talking about [haha]. And even after we received that status from the IRS, we continue to work with them closely to provide our clients with a safe, secure, and accurate process that will save you time and money.

IRiS Approved: Oh safety is a very important issue. Especially nowadays with all the news on hackers and information being leaked. It’s a cyber-jungle out there. Tell us more on the safety and security you provide.

ExpressTaxFilings: You are completely correct about safety being an important issue. Tax information is nothing to mess around with and we have taken precautions above and beyond what is needed to provide the best security available. Our site is encrypted and verified to be HackerProof by McAfee. Also we are COMODO certified.

IRiS Approved: That is reassuring ETF. Security is always a major deciding factor when choosing an online e-filing provider. Let’s switch gears for a second and talk about your customer support.

ExpressTaxFilings: That’s one of my favorite topics to talk about. Most online programs won’t talk about their customer support because they really don’t have much to offer their clients in ways of assistance. But we can boast about our customer support team all day, every day. They are just amazing. All throughout the program, help text is provided and the entire process is pretty self-explanatory. But ya know, sometimes you just want to speak with a real person to help out with any question or issue that is in the way of you completing the form. We provide quality support from our Rock Hill, SC headquarters via phone, 24/7 emergency email, and live chat. Anytime a client calls they always speak with a real person; there is never a recorded voice telling them to push number. That is always so annoying, right?

IRiS Approved: That is so true. I believe the producers are signaling our time is up. I’d love you chat with you a bit longer ETF. You’re just lovely. Thank you so much for being on the show, we’ll get together again and discuss more about the inner working of ExpressTaxFilings.

Well audience, there you have it. ExpressTaxFilings is an easy solution to solve your 1099/W-2 e-filing issues that is safe, secure, and provides excellent customer support. Be sure to come back for part two of this interview with ETF, coming soon to a blog near you.

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