Need to File Form 941 Deadline by Midnight? TaxBandits Can Help

You knew that your Form 941 Deadline was approaching, but you didn’t remember that it was TODAY.

You wake up, look at your calendar, and realize what today is…oh no. You knew that your Form 941 Deadline was approaching, but you didn’t remember that it was TODAY. That’s alright, we understand the feeling, that’s why the TaxBandits team is here to help!

So, you need to file by midnight and you’re wondering how you will possibly accomplish this? Take a deep breath, we’ve got a plan. Simply keep reading to learn how to e-file your Form 941 with TaxBandits and what information you will need to file quickly and accurately.

What Information Do I Need?

To file your Form 941 successfully, please have the following information at your fingertips.

  • Your Business Details
    • This includes your name, EIN, and address
  • Employment Information
    • Your total number of employees
    • The total in deposits that you have made to the IRS
    • Are you a monthly or semiweekly depositor
    • Your Online Signature Pin. Don’t have one? No problem, you can file using Form 8453-EMP
  • Payment Information
    • You don’t have to enter any payment information until your Form 941 is complete and ready for IRS transmission
    • We also help facilitate your tax payment to the IRS

Why Should I File Electronically

Well, that’s easy. The answer is “because the IRS wants you too”. As they have closed many offices and are trying to ensure the safety of their employees during the pandemic, all paper filing will not be processed until a later time. When you file electronically, your Form 941 will be processed much sooner, giving both you and the IRS peace of mind. With TaxBandits, as always, filing is contactless.

How Do I E-file with TaxBandits? 

You can file your Form 941 in just a few simple steps. First, sign into your TaxBandits account. If you don’t have an account already, that’s alright, you can easily create your account for free. Once you have signed in and entered your basic business information, just follow these steps.

  1. Choose your tax year and quarter, in this case it will be the first quarter. 
  2. Enter wages and tips withheld followed by your social security and Medicare taxes.
  3. Need to make an IRS payment? Choose your payment method.
  4. Enter your deposit schedule.
  5. Review all of your form summary and be sure that you have entered all of your information correctly.
  6. Time to transfer your Form 941 to the IRS. Ta da! We did it, we made your midnight deadline!

How Much Will This Cost?

Don’t worry, you won’t be paying any expediting fees or last minute mark-ups. The Form 941 can be filed with TaxBandits for just $4.95 per form. At TaxBandits, we’re not about annual subscription fees or hidden charges. We just want to help your business meet your IRS filing requirements with as little stress as possible. 

Time to Get Started

Alright, now that we’ve covered everything you need to file Form 941 before midnight, it is time for you to get started. After all, we only have all day! There’s no need to stress, if you get caught up in the process you can reach out to our support team, they’re awesome. They are here to assist you through the filing process via email, live chat, or phone. Now, what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking!

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