New Schedule A Features That Every 990 Filer Should Know About

Inside Look into 990 Series Schedules

If you have filed a Form 990 or Form 990-EZ before, you know that there are “Schedules” that are attached to your return which provides necessary additional information regarding your organization. 

There are a total of 24 Schedules between Form 990 & 990-EZ; today we will focus on the most commonly filed Schedule A and its new developments with TaxBandits. Here are some new features that every 990 filer should know about.

New Features That Every 990 Filer Should Know About

What is Schedule A?

Before we get to the “good stuff,” let’s do a quick overview of what Schedule A is and how it relates to nonprofit organizations.

Schedule A is used by tax-exempt organizations or any organization that files Form 990/990-EZ to provide information about its public charity status and public support by the 990 filing deadline. This Schedule allows your organization to explain its program services and give its mission statement or other descriptions of its charitable goals.

Essentially, any non-profit that is supported by the public and operates on a calendar tax year (January-December) must file this Schedule along with their Form 990.

This is due on the upcoming May 15th 990 filing deadline.

TaxBandits makes the e-filing process easier for all of our clients by automatically generating Schedule A once you provide answers to prompted questions when preparing your Form with our software.  

Well, we have talked about it enough, so let’s dive into the world of Schedule A.

Filing Schedule A with TaxBandits

Filing Schedule A can be rather time-consuming and intimidating; but not when you easily file with TaxBandits! TaxBandits’ comprehensive software offers a simplified filing process that can be completed quickly, efficiently, and correctly the first time.

When filing Schedule A with TaxBandits, you can eliminate the guessing game of whether or not you passed or failed the public support test. Our built-in audit feature lets you know before you transmit.

Other newly developed features now allow filers to simply enter contribution totals instead of individual contributions and determines the exact figures for Public Support based on answers provided to our prompted questions during the filing process.

An inside look into the newly developed features for Schedule A

Best of all, current TaxBandits users now can copy standard information from their previous year return to the current year; saving a great deal of time from the standard filing process.

As the big nonprofit Form 990 filing deadline quickly approaches on May 15th, take advantage of the convenient e-filing process that TaxBandits offers. Our newly developed features for filing Schedule A are sure to make your filing experience pleasant and stress-free.

Get a Head Start on Schedule A Today!

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