Tax Humor: Crazy Taxes in the USA

During this time of year when tax filings are little stagnant, you have a moment to appreciate crazy tax laws. From sea to shining sea, states all across the nation have some creative tax laws to generate revenue. Have
you ever heard of the…

Blueberry Tax
In Maine, wild blueberry production is a significant agricultural industry and needs protection. Maine figured a unique blueberry tax would do the trick and keep their precious blueberries safe from over-harvesting. The state of Maine receives a penny and a half per pound. Applied on top of regular taxes, this separate cent is for every pound of blueberries sold.

Candy Tax
Has your inner child started to tear up at the thought of a candy tax? This tax comes from the wonderful city of Chicago where candy prepared without flour (like hard candies & suckers) are labeled “candy,” and are therefore taxed an additional 5.25% merchandise rate.

Napkin Tax
In Colorado, there is a tax on “non essential” food packaging items. You will pay a tax on paper cup lids and napkins, but not the cup itself.

Card Deck Tax
I consider myself a card game enthusiast and found this tax very interesting. In Alabama, if you buy a deck of cards your will pay an additional 10 cent tax. Ironically in Nevada, they just hand you a free deck in exchange for completed returns.

Hot Air Balloon Tax
There is an additional tax on hot air balloon rides. Wait there’s more… only tethered balloons are taxed, but the balloons that roam the sky are not because they are considered a legitimate form of transportation. Wouldn’t the world just be a more interesting place if this is how really got around?

Elderly Tax Exemption
This is hands down my favorite crazy tax law. It gives me something to live for. New Mexico really knows how to treat their citizens who live to 100 years and beyond. They are exempt from taxes because New Mexico believes you have paid enough taxes in your lifetime if you make it to 100. They are just so sweet.

There are tons, and I mean tons, of crazy tax laws in the USA. And they are all on public record. I could spend days reading through state legislature, laughing it up at laws that were seriously passed. What crazy tax laws do they have in your state?

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