Top 10 Advantages of E-Filing Form W-2 With TaxBandits

Why E-file Form W2?

Many choose to do electronic filing as it has more advantages especially when time and accuracy stands as major parameters. Of paper filing and e-filing, e-filing is considered to be more secure and accurate processing takes lesser time than paper filing.
With e-filing, the forms get processed immediately and notifications will be sent once the forms are received by SSA.

Who should E-file Form W2?

Anyone who prefers to go with Online mode can choose to file Form W2 electronically. But, it is mandatory for those employers with 250 or more employees to e-file Form W2.

What are the advantages of e-filing Form W2 with TaxBandits?

TaxBandits has analyzed the needs of filers and designed the application for easy processing by taking into consideration on the suggestions of our customers. There are many advantages of E-Filing Form W-2 with and here are the few highlighted perks:
  1. Secure and Fast

    Form W2 e-filing process is really quick with TaxBandits. Our templates make bulk filings much easier for the employers.

  2. Direct State filing supported

    We support e-filing Forms with states that mandate filing of Form W2.

  3. Web-based process

    You can access our Filing solution from anywhere. You need not do any downloads or any monthly feeds. Also, stay free from purchase of any Paper forms.

  4. W-2 Employee Copies

    Don’t worry about recipient copies, we will postal mail the form copies to your recipients.

  5. Built-in error check

    Before you could submit your forms with SSA, information furnished are reviewed and validated. Errors are notified for correction. You can be assured of error-free filing.

  6. Data validation

    We provide IRS Business Rules validation so that you can stay assured of meeting the IRS mandates. Also, USPS Address validation assures that the recipient copies are correctly addressed to your employees.

  7. Immediate acknowledgment by SSA

    Once you have completed the W2 filing process, your forms are transmitted to SSA immediately. We also send a notification confirming that your forms are accepted by the SSA.

  8. Correction Forms supported

    If you have made any mistakes or you need to correct some information that you filed in Form W2, we support W2 correction forms. File W2 correction Forms now.

  9. Quality US-based customer support

    Having any queries in the filing process? Contact our support team based in US via phone, chat, or email. Our group of expert professional are always ready to guide you with the process.

  10. Saves you time and money

    The data you shared with us are never lost and the records are saved for seven years for your easy access. Also, you need not file Form W3 as it is auto-generated.

Best solution at lowest pricing with no hidden charges..!!

Our extended support:
TaxBandits is here to make taxes less taxing. If you have any questions about W-2 E-Filing , contact the TaxBandits Support Center in Rock Hill, SC at 704.684.4751 between the hours of 8am – 6pm EST, Monday through Friday or email

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