The Best Small Business Payroll Provider You Need To Use

Congratulations! You’ve taken the big LEAP in starting a small business and have begun to realize that building a “dream team” is one thing, but paying them is another. Of course, you could handle payroll needs by yourself, but do you really have enough time to devote hours towards calculating employee time worked, paid time off, payroll tax, and more? You can alleviate this burden and get back to what matters most by using payroll systems for small business. Small business owner using the best small business payroll provider

In light of it being National Payroll Week 2018, we want to inform you of the best small business payroll provider you need to use–our sister product, PayWow!

The Best Small Business Payroll Provider You Need To Use

Processing your own payroll without the help of a payroll service company can be time-consuming, frustrating, and worrisome. There are several payroll mistakes that can be made, and pretty expensive fines that will accompany them. Payroll systems for small business, like PayWow, eliminate the fear of mistakes and costly repercussions.

What Your Payroll System Does For You

  1. Distributes Form W-4 to all employees
  2. Determines a schedule for payroll
  3. Calculates/Withholds necessary income taxes (federal and state taxes)
  4. Pays your payroll tax
  5. Files required tax forms and provide employees with Form W-2

Whew! Can you imagine handling all that on your own?

PayWow: The Ultimate Small Business Payroll Provider

As a small business owner, you are responsible for every aspect of your business and the last thing you want to do is mess up payroll and inadequately compensate your staff for their time worked. PayWow’s affordable full-service payroll and compliance solution allows you to unlock your business’ potential by saving you time and money.  Here’s a preview of how our sister product assists small business owners and their payroll needs.

Payroll Systems for Small Business

  • Simplified payroll setup.
  • Easily add employees & new hires.
  • Manage & track employee working hours online.

Tax Compliance

  • Simplified New Hire Reporting
  • Automated Federal/State Withholding & FICA Deposits
  • Automatic Quarterly FUTA/SUTA Tax Deposits
  • Autogenerated Quarterly Federal/State Filings
  • Annual Year-End Filing

Time & Attendance

  • Add & Assign PTO Policies
  • Invite Employees to have Convenient Time Clock Access
  • Online Employee Time-Off Requests
  • Automatic Data Integration

Employee Payroll Portal

  • Quickly set up the myPayWow: Employee Portal
  • Let the employee enter their information for payroll
  • Easily access payroll information
  • Cloud-Based time and attendance

Let PayWow Make Things Easier

Outsourcing your payroll needs help to make life much simpler! The time spent on calculations, reviewing time-off requests, organizing paperwork, filing and paying taxes, staying tax compliant, and running payroll could Owner calculating small business payrolleasily be spent on enhancing and taking your business to the next level. As National Payroll Week 2018 continues, TaxBandits encourages you to create a free PayWow account to take control of your small business payroll with the best small payroll provider you need to use.

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