Deadline To Have 1099 & W-2s Sent To Recipients

You have arrived at the Deadline, thank you for filing with Before you exit and enjoy life after the deadline, our ExpressTaxFilings Support Team has a very important message…

Today is the deadline to provide employees/contractors with W-2s and 1099s. Also, for the states of Virginia (VA), Wisconsin (WI), Kentucky (KY) and District of Columbia (DC), today is the deadline to submit W-2s.

If you still need to file, don’t you worry, there’s still time. You can e-file for all your employees/contractors quickly with our Bulk Upload Feature. The entire e-filing process is easy and makes filing taxes less taxing.

You are a valued client at ExpressTaxFilings and if you have any questions about e-filing your 1099 & W-2, give our dedicated support team a call at 704-839-2270 or email:

Thank you again for e-filing with There are more tax deadlines coming up soon, and if you need more time to file, head on over to and extend your tax deadline for personal, business, and exempt organization tax returns.

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