E-Filing ACA Forms 1095 and 1094 Corrections for the 2022 Tax Year With TaxBandits

Learn how to e-file corrections for your ACA Form 1095 and 1094 with TaxBandits!

How to e-file ACA Form 1095 and 1094 corrections for the 2022 tax year with TaxBandits

If you made a mistake on your ACA form, don’t worry! TaxBandits allows clients to file corrections for Forms 1094 and 1095 if their original returns were filed with TaxBandits. Keep reading for an overview of e-filing ACA form corrections for tax year 2022!

What 1095 Information can I correct?

Clients can correct a wide range of information on their forms. This includes:

Authoritative Transmittal Form 1094-C

  • ALE Member or Designated Government Entity (Name and/or EIN)
  • Total number of 1095-C Forms filed by and/or on behalf of ALE member
  • Aggregated ALE Group Membership
  • Certifications of Eligibility
  • Minimum essential coverage offer indicator
  • Section 4980H Full-time employee count for ALE member
  • Aggregated group indicator
  • Other ALE members of aggregated ALE group (Name and/or EIN)

ACA Form 1095-B

  • Name of responsible individual
  • Origin of the health coverage
  • SSN or TIN
  • Employer-sponsored coverage information
  • Issuer or other coverage provider information
  • Covered individuals

ACA Form 1095-C

  • Name, SSN, ALE member EIN
  • The offer of coverage (line 14)
  • Employee required contribution
  • Other ALE members of aggregated ALE group (Name and/or EIN)
  • Section 4980H safe harbor and other relief codes (line 16 – aca codes)
  • Covered individuals information

Transmittal Form 1094-B cannot be corrected.

When is the deadline to correct 1095 ACA forms?

There is no specific filing deadline for ACA form corrections. Organizations should file their 1095 corrections as soon as possible after identifying errors.

It is important to file corrections ASAP because the IRS may impose penalties for incorrect information. Generally, the penalty for filing Form 1095-C and 1094-C with incorrect information is $290 per return. The total penalty for a calendar year cannot exceed $3,532,500. If there is a reasonable cause for providing incorrect information, the penalty may be waived.

How can I file ACA form 1095 & 1094 corrections?

With TaxBandits, you can file ACA corrections for the forms that you’ve filed with us. Simply select the form type that needs corrections, make the necessary changes, and continue. 

Why should I file ACA Corrections with TaxBandits?

TaxBandits will audit your forms for IRS instruction errors before you transmit it to the IRS. Clients can enable their team members to collaborate on their forms under one TaxBandits account. 

You can also distribute corrected employee copies through TaxBandits. TaxBandits also provides online access for recipients to view and download. We keep your form copies in our system for up to 7 years. 
If you provided any incorrect information, it is important to file your corrections as soon as you can. Get started now at TaxBandits.com!

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