Experience Stress-Free E-Filing In 2015

Start your new year by experiencing stress-free e-filing that only ExpressTaxFilings.com can provide. It’s true, there is no other program more efficient and user-friendly available to e-file your 1099 and W-2 forms with the IRS/SSA. Discover the ExpressTaxFilings experience…

Easy To Use
When you first log in, you can choose the exact form(s) you need to file. We would never want you to waste time searching what you need; everything is always exactly where you need it to be. You will feel safe knowing that you are e-filing through an IRS Authorized E-File Provider. We took the time to work closely with the IRS to provide you the most efficient program possible to e-file Forms 1099 & W-2.

Once you have started e-filing, you might have a question about a particular section of the form. You will not have to leave the page to search for the answer. ExpressTaxFilings provides helpful prompts to guide you, or you can contact one of our amazing customer support specialist. When you call the ExpressTaxFilings Customer Support, you speak with a live professional that will assist you with any question you have.

Form History
If you cannot finish entering your information at any time, everything will be saved in your account so you never have to repeat what you have already done. When you have completed e-filing, a saved copy of the form will be available in your account for you to access at any time.

Print Center
To provide you with the ultimate e-filing experience, we offer multiple options to send your form(s) to recipients. You can print the forms directly from your computer once you transmit the forms to the IRS/SSA. Your other option is to have the forms automatically postal mailed to recipients.

With ExpressTaxFilings, there are only a few steps to have all your Form 1099 & W-2s e-filed. Experience stress-free e-filing with ExpressTaxFilings.com.

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