You Need to File by the W-2 Deadline


Business owner using TaxBandits to file by the W-2 Deadline

The W-2 deadline is only a few days away on January 31, meaning you are running out of time to file. It’s very important that you file by the W-2 deadline to avoid expensive W-2 penalties imposed by the IRS. Filing by the deadline will also help you avoid being audited.

We know it feels like you’re running out of time to file, but it’s actually not too late to get started. TaxBandits, the number one e-filing solution will help you complete your form with tons of time to spare.

How to E-File by the Form W-2 Deadline?

All you have to do to get started is create your free TaxBandits account. Then you can follow the simple interview style e-filing guide to complete your form in a matter of minutes and transmit it directly to the Social Security Administration.

TaxBandits is equipped to help with all your filing needs from the small business owner to major accounting firms. Everyone can file by the W-2 deadline with us.

There’s no faster or easier way to e-file by the W-2 deadline. For example, our system explains what information you need to complete your W-2 form and where it needs to be entered. Accountant easily files by the W-2 deadline with TaxBandits

Currently, to complete Form W-2 you need your:

– Employer details, including the name, EIN, employer code, employer type, and address.
– Employee Details, such as their name, SSN, address and contact information.
– Federal Details, including the federal income and federal tax withheld.
– State Filing details, including the state income and state tax withheld.

TaxBandits knows that you have to file federally and with your state, which is why we support state filing. You can view your state’s filing requirements here. Filing according to your state’s rules and regulations is an import way to properly file by the W-2 deadline.

E-File Form W-2 Now

The W-2 deadline is only getting closer so why wait? Take advantage of our e-filing features to easily complete your Form W-2 now! Use the bulk upload feature to upload all of your employee information at once, and the postal mailing feature to have us mail copies of your W-2 form to each of your recipients! Plus, our outstanding live support is always standing by to help.

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