Getting The Most Out Of Giving Tuesday And Beyond


Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, a huge day for nonprofits everywhere! This is a day when Americans everywhere will pull out their wallets and donate to their favorite causes! 

Giving Tuesday has become the kick-off of the end of year giving season. Social media greatly fuels its success. Is your organization ready? Here’s the bigger question…Are you prepared to keep your donors engaged beyond Giving Tuesday? Here are some easy tips to help you stay on track this giving season!

Anticipate Donor Behavior

It goes without saying that nonprofit organizations must know how donors behave. Each organization has a different relationship with their donor pools, but in general annual giving follows a pattern. About a third of annual giving occurs in December, that’s pretty staggering information. It’s easy to see why so much energy and planning is needed going into the holiday season! 

Choose A Clear Theme

Keep it simple. Find Your Focus. What are these donations funding? This is what your followers will want to know. Choose a program that aligns best with your organization’s mission and run with it. The odds are that this program is the one that would benefit the most from funding. Cater all of your donor engagements around this program, if you tell your followers a relatable story, they will respond emotionally…and financially!

Make Giving Easy 

If your followers have to take time to figure out how to give, you may lose them. You want to make your appeal to them and immediately give them the option to give. One of the best ways to go about this is by creating a component for giving on your website. 

For example, if a follower is reading a great Facebook post about something that your organization is doing in the community and they feel emotionally triggered by it, having a link to easily donate below is paramount. You just converted intent into action!

Set A Goal And Spread The Word

Be loud and proud! It is perfectly fine to be upfront with your donors and followers. Let them know how much capital you want to raise this year. You should also be upfront about what kinds of activities these donations will fund! If $25,000 will fund a summer program for underprivileged kids, then your donors will want to help get you to that goal! If you keep updating donors on your progress they will be more likely to spread the word.

Have Social Media In Place

Social media will get you through the season…never neglect it! This is the easiest way to engage with the people who are following your organization. If your posts are engaging, then you can convert clicks into cash! This is also a great way to update the public on how close you are to reaching your financial goal. Focus heavily on your mission and the great work you are doing. Sharing this content across your social media platforms is a great way to reach new donors!

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