How To Support Small Businesses Despite The Coronavirus

As the efforts to stave off the Coronavirus ramp up, small businesses seem to be suffering the most financially. As the CDC recommends that we practice social distancing and stay at home, our local restaurants and shops are losing significant amounts of business.

We are by no means suggesting that you ignore the CDC requirements, the Coronavirus is very serious and it is truly sweeping the nation. There is no time limit on this virus and there is no way of determining how long it will be an international problem. 

Small business will continue to struggle, but as consumers we can work together to make sure that our favorite local businesses can survive the economic downturn that they are experiencing. 

Schedule Deliveries

You may be able to enjoy what your local businesses offer from home. You can spice up being stuck indoors by ordering your favorite meals from a local restaurant. You may be able to order coffee beans from your local coffee shop or meat from your local butcher. Do you have a local bookstore that you love? They will probably be willing to mail or deliver books to you. These businesses are most likely willing to be flexible and accommodate customers, so that they can maximize their profits amidst the current conditions. 

Shop Online

Many small, local businesses have taken their inventory online! If you can’t go shopping at your favorite boutique down the street, you can probably find them online. Instead of stocking up on goods from big box stores, look for the small businesses that you recognize. It is these smaller stores that need your business in order to keep their business running and to pay their employees. 

Purchase Gift Cards and Shop Sales

Eventually we will get back to some sense of normalcy. In the meantime purchasing Gift Cards from your favorite shops and restaurants will be greatly appreciated. Not only is this liquid money that is going into your favorite businesses, but when you are able to spend time out and about again, you will have already paid the bill. This is a small gesture with big meaning, by making this purchase you are telling your local business that you are confident in their services and committed to their longevity in the community. 

You may find that the small businesses around you are offering sales and special promotions to create buzz despite the economic conditions. The best thing you can do is take advantage of them! If your favorite shop is running a BOGO sale or your favorite restaurant is offering a deal on delivery orders? Enjoy it! You are shopping local and getting a great deal.

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