I Made Mistakes On My Employee’s W-2, Now What?

After you submit your W-2 Forms to the SSA and send them out to your employees (by the January 31st deadline, we hope) you may find errors. Your first instinct may be to panic, but you don’t have to! Your W-2’s are not carved into a stone slab somewhere within the Social Security Administration, you can make corrections! How you may ask? The TaxBandits team is here to break it down for you.

Meet The W-2c

The Form W-2c is a corrections form that is designed to amend any of the mistakes that you have made in your W-2 Form.

What Is The Deadline?

This form itself has no deadline but the sooner you submit it the better. In other words, as soon as you notice a mistake, file a correction. This form must go to the SSA and you must resend it to the employee.

What Types Of Mistakes Can I Correct on Form W-2?

The SSA wants you to…

Here are the types of mistakes that you should correct as soon as you are aware of them…

  1. You listed the incorrect tax year
  2. You entered employee names incorrectly
  3. You entered employee SSN incorrectly
  4. You entered incorrect wage or tip information
  5. You entered incorrect Social Security withholding
  6. You entered the incorrect amount of federal income taxes withheld.
  7. You entered incorrect dependent care benefits information. 

Can I File A Form W-2c With TaxBandits?

Yes! TaxBandits not only supports the transmission of this form to the SSA, but we make it easy. We can also handle mailing your W2-c to the appropriate employee and also send copies through secure online access. There are just a few simple steps to filing this form. If you don’t have a TaxBandits account already, you can create one for no cost and get started.

We do accept the correction of Form W2 that is filed with another provider.

How Can I file Form W-2c Using TaxBandits?

  1. Enter your federal correction details.
  2. Enter your state correction details.
  3. Review your Form W-2c
  4. Choose the services that you want.
  5. Transmit your Form W-2c.
  6. Download employee copies or get your employee copies mailed directly to your employees (only if Postal Mailing service is selected).

That’s all there is to it! Now you have filed your correction Form and you can breathe a big sigh of relief. You can erase your mistakes with TaxBandits.

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