IRS Forms Due by March 31st

The e-file deadline for Forms 1099 and W-2 is March 31st. ExpressTaxFilings has everything you need to e-file these forms in minutes and put the deadline stress behind you. The entire e-filing process is really easy when using ExpressTaxFilings, so let’s see it in action…

Form 1099
ExpressTaxFilings supports e-filing of three forms from the 1099 series: 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, and 1099-MISC. We also provide Form 1099 Correction to make corrections to a previously filed 1099.

See how easy it is to file a 1099 using our streamlined filing interface in this video  

Form W-2
Form W-2 can be e-filed with ExpressTaxFilings in a matter of minutes. To make your e-filing experience even better, ExpressTaxFilings provides a Bulk Upload feature that will quickly auto-fill your W-2 so you don’t have to. 
You can view the entire e-filing process in this video

More About ExpressTaxFilings
ExpressTaxFilings is an IRS Authorized E-file Provider. We have worked closely with the IRS to provide you with the safest and most secure e-filing software available. There are no forms to download and you can e-filing IRS tax forms in minutes. When e-filing, you will find contextual help bubbles and support text all over the place to guide you through step-by-step. We also provide discounts for tax professionals that have multiple clients. Contact our Support Team for more information.
If you have any questions about e-filing your 1099 or W-2 by the March 31st deadline, don’t hesitate to contact the ExpressTaxFilings Support Team via phone: 704-839-2270 or email:

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