New PEO Tax Filing Solution Launched By TaxBandits

TaxBandits is pleased to announce the launch of its newest tax compliance and e-filing solution designed specifically for Professional Employer Organization needs. Offering innovative features and convenient management of client information, TaxBandits’ IRS e-file solution for PEOs helps any PEO stay ahead of competitors and provides them the tools needed to meet year-round efiling requirements. Ready to find out how TaxBandits for PEO can help your professional employer organization dominate the payroll tax compliance and tax efiling game? PEO team using new professional employer organization filing solution by TaxBandits

TaxBandits Launches a New PEO Tax E-filing Solution

Created to meet the needs and responsibilities of a professional employer organization, TaxBandits for PEO assists with HR administration, payroll, tax deposits, filing taxes online, and even electronic filing requirements–simplifying the workload of any PEO with multiple clients.

Why Choose TaxBandits for PEO?

Keeping your clients tax compliant is easy with the help of TaxBandits. Our service takes care of the following PEO responsibilities:

  • Employer Federal Tax Filing
  • State Tax Filing Requirements
  • FUTA Tax Filing Requirements
  • Employee / Contractor Reporting Requirements
  • Affordable Care Act Tax Reporting
  • Tax Declaration and Authorization Form
  • Updates on IRS tax laws and tax year changes.

Furthermore, TaxBandits offers PEOs efficient client management tools, which includes a user-friendly control panel and review portal, multi-user access, built-in error checks, cloud-based software, and flexible pricing!

Supported Forms

TaxBandits for PEO currently supports the efiling of Form 941-Schedule R  along with state filings for W-2 Forms along with CF/SF for 1099 Forms. Tax Declaration and Authorization Forms (Form 8453-EMP, Form 2678, and Form 8973) are also covered by our comprehensive software.

Control Panel

Convenience rests at the foundation of our newly launched PEO tax compliance and integrated efiling solution. Our easy-to-use control panel allows PEOs to view all of their client organizations in one place, and provides a comprehensive status of each client along with a breakdown of employees, with respect to their client(s).

Review Portal

Once a professional employer organization has prepared the appropriate tax form(s), those forms can be sent securely back to the client for review prior to transmitting to the IRS. As a PEO, TaxBandits allows you to set a secure password for the selected reviewer to use when they access the forms via email. Upon being reviewed, forms can be marked as “Looks Good” or “Needs Corrections” with comments from the reviewer. The PEO will be notified of any changes that are made during the review and can easily update errors.

The Benefits PEOs Need

Keeping your clients tax compliant is easy [with the help of TaxBandits for PEO of course 😁]. Here are some of our great features that you easily file taxes online:

  • Integrated E-filing Solution– An enhanced & integrated e-filing solution that automates the way you file your taxes.
  • Bulk Filing–Easily add and upload client data at once using our bulk filing methods.
  • API Integration–Our API Integration tool helps you expand your existing software and conveniently file your tax forms.
  • Flexible Pricing–TaxBandits offers affordable and flexible pricing based on the filing needs of PEOs.
  • Data Security–TaxBandits offers encryption of employees’ data ensuring utmost data security.
  • US-Based Support–Our live, U.S. based support team is standing by to help. Contact us with your questions during any stage of the e-filing process.

Enhancing The Way PEOs E-file

Professional Employer Organizations: create a free account today to begin streamlining your client’s payroll tax compliance and file taxes online 2018. You can quickly efile tax returns, maintain tax compliance, and stay organized with the help of the newly launched TaxBandits IRS e-file solution for PEOsProfessional Employer Organization meeting to discuss new PEO tax filing solution launched by TaxBandits

If you have any questions, one of our friendly US-based support team members is ready to assist you. Simply give us a call at (704) 684-4751 Monday – Friday between the hours of 9AM – 6PM EST, or contact us 24/7 via live chat or by email at

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