Printing Your 1099/W-2 Forms – How TaxBandits Simplifies the Process

Here is an overview of the Distribution Center where you can access and print all of the forms you file with TaxBandits!

Printing tax forms with TaxBandits

While we are on the verge of the 1099/W-2 deadline, it’s time to delve deeper into how TaxBandits streamlines your tax filing in every aspect. From making your form preparation easier with flexible data import options and integrations to ensuring accuracy through built-in error checks, TaxBandits makes your 1099/W-2 filing a breeze.

Not only does TaxBandits simplify the filing process, but it also facilitates the distribution of form copies to recipients with complete ease via Postal Mail and Online Access.

Furthermore, if you choose to distribute the copies yourself, TaxBandits allows you to download and print the forms from the Distribution Center after you transmit them. Read through this blog to understand how this process works. 

Types of Copies in the Distribution Center

Once you transmit your 1099/W-2 returns in TaxBandits, copies of these forms will be made available in the Distribution Center. 

It’s important to note there will be different types of copies available, and you must be aware of each one and its purposes. 

  • Recipient Copies – This is a copy of federal forms that can be shared with the recipients/employees.
  • Payer Copies – This copy is for your reference and record-keeping purposes.
  • Payer State Copies – This is the state copy of your form.
  • State Reconciliation Copies – This is a copy of the reconciliation form for the applicable states.
  • Summary Forms – For the 1099s and W-2s you file, our system will auto-generate the summary Forms 1096 and W-3, respectively. You can download a copy of these summary forms if needed.

Bulk Download of Forms

TaxBandits offers an exclusive Bulk Download option, enabling you to download form copies of all your recipients in one go. Instead of downloading the copies one by one, we recommend you choose this option for printing purposes.

While downloading, you have the option to download the forms with Masked or Unmasked TINs as per your preferences. 

Note: For security reasons, we recommend that you download the forms with Masked TINs.

You can download the forms in two formats:

  • ZIP File [Recommended for Print and Mail Purposes] – This option allows you to download all the forms as a ZIP file. You can follow the instructions provided to decompress the zip file and export the Form PDF for each recipient. 

When you select this option, you’ll be asked to choose the format. Typically, for 1099 forms, we recommend choosing 1 copy per page (1 UP).

  • Consolidated PDF [Recommended for Record-Keeping Purposes] – This option allows you to download all the forms as a single PDF file. This should not be shared with anyone.

Printing and Envelope Stuffing – Pro Tips

The forms you download will be formatted for easy printing and enveloping. Typically, the printed copies will fit in #10 double-windowed envelopes (4 1/8″ x 91/2″ – Standard business envelope).

So, if you want to mail these forms to your recipients, you can just download the required form, print it, enclose it in the envelope, and mail it to the recipient’s address.

Avoid the Hassle of printing with our postal mail and online access services!

Printing and mailing the copies at this last minute can be overwhelming. But thankfully, TaxBandits is always here to help you!

You can choose our Online Access service to distribute the recipient copies via email. This will involve obtaining consent from your recipients to receive their copies electronically, as per the IRS guidelines. 

In case your recipients haven’t consented, you can choose our postal mail service and have TaxBandits distribute the recipient copies via mail. You have the option to send Postal Mail in bulk to all recipients at the click of a button.

Please note that all postal orders must be placed before Jan 30, 10.00 PM (EST) to ensure the guaranteed delivery of your recipients’ copies before the deadline.

Hurry up, distribute the recipient copies on time, and ensure tax compliance! 

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