Requesting Form W-9 has Never Been Easier!

Are you taking advantage of the TaxBandits Form W-9 process?!

When you hire a vendor to perform work for your business, do you ask them to complete Form W-9? If not, you should start requesting this form ASAP! 

Did you know that TaxBandits offers a simple solution for requesting, receiving, and storing your independent contractor/vendors Form W-9?  Here’s how it’s done!

Why is Form W-9 Important? 

The IRS created the W-9 Form for a reason, and while it may seem like an added chore to request, it is extremely helpful when it comes time to file a Form 1099 for your vendor. Without the information required on Form W-9, you won’t be able to file successfully, which puts your IRS compliance in jeopardy. 

You must have the vendor’s Taxpayer Identification Number, this is their social security number (SSN) or employee identification number (EIN), depending on how they are classified and taxed by the IRS. Without this, the Form 1099 you file can be rejected and this will cause additional hassles for your business. For example, you may have to begin backup withholding for this vendor. 

Requesting Form W-9 has never been easier than with TaxBandits! Just log in to your account and follow these instructions!

Step 1: Enter your Vendors’ Details & Request Form W-9

Enter your vendor’s name and email address to request Form W-9 Online. If there is an account number associated with this vendor, you have the option to enter it.

You can send more than one W-9 request at a time, there is a  green plus sign, click this to add another vendor. If you already have the vendor’s email address in your address book, there is no need to enter it twice, just click “Add From Address Book”. 

If you are requesting Form W-9 from multiple vendors, you also have the option to use our bulk upload template. This allows you to upload a large number of vendors all in one go. 

When you are done entering your vendor’s information, click “Continue”. 

Step 2: Your Vendor receives an Email Invite to Complete Form W-9

Now that you have sent a Form W-9 request to your vendor, they will receive an email from TaxBandits, with instructions to complete their Form W-9 and submit it to you. They can easily fill out their form and certify that all the information provided is accurate by adding their e-signature. All of this is done through our secure portal. 

Step 3: Receive & Store your Vendors’ Form W-9

TaxBandits will notify you by email when your vendor completes, e-signs and submits their W-9 Form. You can also easily track the status of each of your vendors’ Form W-9 from the dashboard. You have the option to review and approve the Form W-9 or reject it upon receiving it.  Plus, all the information you need to file 1099 Forms will be available in your account when the year-end deadlines come around!

Did you know that with TaxBandits API, you can take your Form W-9 process a step further and automate it? You even have the option to use our TIN Matching service. With API clients, we run the vendors’ TIN against the IRS database to ensure that it is accurate. 

No stamps, printers, or dare we say it, fax machines are involved in the process anymore, we’re bringing your Form W-9 process into the digital age! Ready to get started? Create a free TaxBandits account today!

Check out this video to learn more about requesting theVendor Form W-9 with TaxBandits!

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