How to Step Up Your Small Business Communication

Today small businesses communicate with their customers in a wide variety of ways, including face-to-face, social media, phone, email, text, and the list goes on. However, not all of these business communication strategies are welcomed by modern consumers. Being able to communicate effectively with your target audience is key to any successful business strategy. Here is how to step up your small business communication. 

How to Step Up Your Small Business Communication

Creating and cultivating an effective small business communication strategy can vary based on your business, clientele, or topic. However, here is a good place to start analyzing your customer interactions to find what works best for you.


Baby boomers and Generation X demographics tend to prefer communication via phone. This method of communication is very beneficial in situations where an urgent message needs to be delivered or personal information needs to be discussed.

An easy way to test this method of communication is to contact some of your customers by phone and see how many customers can be reached by phone and/or return a missed phone call.  


Emails tend to work best with Generation X as they use email as their main form of business communication. Use this form of communication when you need to send fragments of information frequently.

Social Media

You guessed it…social media works best with generation Y or millennial demographics. These demographics feel most comfortable communicating on these platforms, especially when conducting business. Businesses that have a strong social media presence tend to have successful online sales and attract the attention of millennials.

Text Message

Generation Y and millennials tend to prefer texting on their mobile phone as the primary form of communication. If possible, provide your customers with convenient text updates and offers to assist with customer engagement.


Current and potential customers that visit your website should have an option of how to communicate with you. Those in generation X and Y tend to prefer using an online chat (texting on a website) than making a phone call. Most tend to prefer this method of communication because they can multitask while navigating your website.

Determine What Works Best For You

Effective communication always goes a long way; regardless of what generation you are trying to appeal to. Finding the most effective communication for your specific business is to test it with your customers and see how they respond. 

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