Did You Forget About The Upcoming March 15 Deadline?

Just when you thought you were “in the clear” with taxes for your business or S-corporation, here comes another tax filing deadline lingering around the corner. 🙄

Income tax returns for businesses must be filed by March 15th, 2019.

Stressed business owner who forgot about the March 15 deadlineTaxBandits understands that there’s a lot that goes into effectively running a business and IRS deadlines can sneak up on you, which is why we provide a simple way to extend deadlines. If you need more time to file your 2018 business tax returns, TaxBandits has the perfect solution for you!

Did you forget about the upcoming March 15 deadline? If so, no worries. Here’s what you need to know about IRS Form 7004 to receive extra time to file and keep Uncle Sam off your back.

Did You Forget About The Upcoming March 15 Deadline?

Form 7004 Overview

In a nutshell, IRS Form 7004 is a business tax extension form also known as the application of extension of time to file certain business income tax and other information returns.

It is mainly used by corporations, entities, partnerships, limited liability companies, certain estates, and trusts to request an automatic tax extension of up to 7 months to file business income taxes for the 2018 tax year.

Entities that typically file Form 1120-S, Form 1065 Series, Form 1041 (Bankruptcy Estate only), Form 3520-A, Form 8804, and Form 1042 have until March 15 to file for an extension.

What You Need To File Extension Form 7004

  1. Business Name
  2. EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  3. Business Address
  4. Primary Contact Information

How To E-File Your Extension

  1. Create an Account or Sign In
  2. Enter Basic Business Details such as Name, EIN, Address & Primary Contact
  3. Select the Business Entity type & Form you want to file an extension for
  4. If you owe the IRS money, you’ll need to estimate the total income tax payment for the filing year
  5. Review, Pay & Transmit to the IRS

File Your Extension On-The-Go

Small business owner happy after e-filing Extension Form 7004 using TaxBanditsConveniently e-file Form 7004 for your business with the Form 7004 mobile app! Download your free app today from the App Store or Google Play.

Once you have completed your form we will review it for errors and automatically transmit it directly to the IRS through our authorized and secure e-filing network. Depending on the extent of filing volume with the IRS, you could have your extension approved within the hour!


Get Extra Time To File

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