TaxBandits’ Coffee Break Series: Bring in Your Ingredients for Filing with Ease!

Create your perfect data blend, bringing your filing data to TaxBandits is easy and flexible!

Welcome to our Coffee Break Series, where we break down complex tasks into little sips of information to make your year-end filing season smoother. In today’s series, we’ll look into the key ingredients of filing and how TaxBandits simplifies the data import process for 1099 and W-2 filings with a wide range of options. 

Consider this: instead of drowning in a sea of individual entries, you can enjoy your coffee while effectively uploading batches of 1099s and W-2s, saving time and lowering the possibility of mistakes. That’s exactly what TaxBandits offers with its data import options.

Bulk Upload Templates for 1099/W2 

TaxBandits offers Excel/CSV templates for a seamless import of data for 1099 and W-2 filings. You can simplify your filing process and save time with the TaxBandits bulk upload templates, a time-saving solution for CPAs,  tax professionals, and employers filing large numbers of businesses for 1099/ W2 forms.

So, what do you have to do? It’s simple: just download the template as per your requirements, update all the essential information,  and upload it back into our system. 

Smart Upload is another useful feature specially designed for Form 1099-NEC, in which you can use your own Excel or CSV template to file multiple returns at once with just a few simple steps. 

Sage Intacct – An Exclusive E-filing Partnership

TaxBandits has built an exclusive partnership with Sage Intacct that allows Sage customers to e-file their 1099/W2 forms confidently. They can simply push the data from their Sage account to TaxBandits and complete their 1099 filings in a matter of minutes. 

1099 Integrations with Leading Accounting Software

Last but not the least! TaxBandits offers integrations with popular accounting softwares such as Xero, Freshbooks, Zoho Books, and Quickbooks, enabling you to import the 1099-NEC/1099-MISC data in no time. You can preview your 1099 forms and transmit them to the IRS seamlessly.

Using these data import options provided by TaxBandits, you can easily import your data and transform the filing process into an easy, error-free operation. 

Stay connected with us in this coffee break series. In the next blog, we’ll talk about the validation processes, which are necessary to ensure accuracy while preparing your 1099/ W2 forms. 

Check out our Compliance Coffee Break webinar to see the process of importing data in action!

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