5 Reasons to E-file Form 941 for the Second Quarter Deadline

As you know, the Form 941 deadline for the second quarter is fast approaching on July 31, 2020. The TaxBandits team is here for all business owners that need a last minute solution! There are so many reasons why filing your Form 941 is the best option for you this quarter. 

Are you a dedicated paper-filer? Well, you may be ready to ditch paper and e-file by the end of this article!

The IRS prefers e-filing

You heard it right, the IRS does highly recommend that you file your Form 941, Employee’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return. It is more convenient for both the IRS and for you, especially now. 

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the IRS has had to slow their rate of processing paper returns. This is understandable as they have had to make adjustments for their employees according to CDC guidelines. Therefore, if you paper file you may experience delays and your form could sit unprocessed for weeks. So, save yourself and the IRS some stress and try e-filing this quarter!


The e-filing process is quicker than paper-filing whether the IRS is processing their mail at a normal rate or not. If you have all the necessary information nearby, you can file your Form 941 in just a few minutes!

When you file with TaxBandits, our bulk upload feature is a great way for Reporting Agents,CPAs, and EROs to save time. It allows filers to update large quantities of information for their clients and generate attachment forms like the Schedule R.

Filers who are classified as 3504 Agents or a Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) must file the Aggregate Form 941 Schedule R. Non certified PEOs may also file Schedule R. 

These organizations handle the tax filings of many businesses and they must apply for this status and be approved by the IRS. Much like the Form 941 has been revised to meet the reporting needs for businesses utilizing COVID-19 related tax credits, Schedule R has also been updated and you can file the revised Schedule R with TaxBandits!


It is a proven fact that paper filed forms contain more errors. According to the IRS, about 21% of paper-filed forms contain mistakes. Filing electronically helps you catch the small mistakes like computation errors. TaxBandits software helps to ensure accuracy by validating your form against the IRS business rules. 

If you need additional assistance determining your refundable or nonrefundable tax credits due to COVID-19, TaxBandits supports Worksheet 1.


Your business’ information is sensitive, you don’t want to put this information in a position where it could be compromised.  When you paper file and mail your return to the IRS, you are putting your sensitive data at risk.

When you file electronically, there are many more layers of security in place other than a paper envelope. You can easily e-sign your return as well. When e-filing with TaxBandits you have the option of using the Online Signature Pin that the IRS has provided you with.

No Online Signature Pin? No problem, you can apply for one through TaxBandits for free! In the meantime, you can e-sign using the 8453-EMP as a simple alternative. Plus, we provide secure payment options.

Contactless Filing

E-filing has always been contactless. This filing method has always been convenient due to the fact that you can do it from anywhere, but now that we are dealing with COVID-19, it is also the safest method. Many people are making the responsible choice to limit their exposure to others right now. When you file electronically, you can skip the post office altogether.

So, are you ready to leave the paper in the past? Start e-filing today with TaxBandits!

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