E-filing Form 941 Will Save You Time And Money!

Given the time you save when filing electronically and the additional safety measures involved, this is a much better value.

E-file Form 941

You may think that filing your IRS tax forms electronically is more expensive than paper filing, but this is no longer true! Given the time you save when filing electronically and the additional safety measures involved, this is a much better value. 

Check out how you can get the best value when filing your Form 941 electronically this quarter!

The Costs Associated with Paper Filing

The cost of paper filing with the IRS is more than just a stamp and envelope. There are hidden costs associated with preparation and printing additional attachment forms. Some businesses owners may spend additional funds on consulting a paid preparer. 

Paper filing may cost you more than cash this quarter, your Form 941 may sit unprocessed by the IRS for weeks right now. Due to the pandemic, the IRS is unable to process paper forms at the same rate as normal. 

E-filing Provides a Complete Solution

When filing 941 electronically, you won’t fall victim to the hidden or unexpected costs of paper filing. The pricing is upfront and allows you to choose the additional filing requirements your business may need, like attachment forms. Just check out the features available to TaxBandits filers!

Increase your Accuracy

When you complete your tax forms on paper, you are essentially “going it alone”. There is no way to prevent the simple errors or computational mistakes that slip by you.

If you choose to e-file, the software you choose will catch these errors. This will save you time and money in the long run as you avoid the costs of filing an amended form or IRS penalties. 

TaxBandits even supports 941 Worksheet 1, created by the IRS to help filers calculate their COVID-19 related tax credits. 

Never Forget your Attachment Forms 

It can be easy to leave an attachment form out when submitting a paper Form 941 to the IRS. This can cost you when it comes to IRS penalties. Semi-weekly depositors may face penalties if Schedule B is not attached to their Form 941. 

For example if you leave out your Form 8794, Qualified Small Business Payroll Tax Credit for Increasing Research Activities, you could lose out on this tax credit.

When you e-file with TaxBandits, our user-friendly software alerts you to the attachment forms that are required for your business. CPEOs, PEOs, and other reporting agents can easily upload their clients data in bulk for speed and convenience and complete Schedule R. 

Peace of Mind for $4.95

With TaxBandits you can count on all of these features for just $4.95, plus you can save when you bundle the quarterly Form 941. With no annual or hidden fees, TaxBandits helps you save your time and money. It’s even free to sign up and get started. 

Did you know that when you file with TaxBandits you also have access to our excellent customer support team? They are available to help you through the process and assist you with the functionality of our software. You can easily get assistance by phone, email, or live chat.

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