You Need To File Form 941 for 2019 Before It’s Too Late

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Deadline day is coming soon, and if you haven’t filed IRS 941 Form 2019 there’s not much time left to do so!

Employers have until midnight on October 31st to report employment taxes due for the second quarter.

If you want to stay tax compliant and keep your business, you need to file Form 941 for 2019 before it’s too late.

You Need To File Form 941 for 2019 Before It’s Too Late

I think we can all agree that it is hard to file a tax form you know little to nothing about. Grab a pen and pad for our impromptu Form 941 Instructions class! Here is what you need to know about IRS 941 Form 2019.

IRS Form 941

Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Tax Return, is used to report employment taxes. Owners and operators of a business with employees must file 941 online quarterly.

Responsible for withholding federal income tax, social security tax, and Medicare tax from each of your employee’s salary, Form 941 assists employers with calculating the employer’s portion of Social Security and Medicare tax.

2019 Form 941 Schedule B

If you are a semiweekly depositor, you will need to file Schedule B with Form 941. Addendum Schedule B for Form 941 provides additional information to the IRS regarding the deposit schedule of the employer’s tax liabilities.

Employers who report more than $50,000 of employment taxes in the previous period or have accumulated $100,000 or more in tax liability in the current or past calendar year must also file 2019 Form 941 Schedule B.

Schedule B is included with your transmittal to the IRS when you file with TaxBandits, so there is no need to search for additional forms.

Form 941 Schedule R

CPEOs and Section 3504 reporting agents are required to attach Schedule R (Form 941) to the aggregate Form 941. Schedule R simplifies the aggregate reporting process by allocating aggregate wages reported on Form 941 to each of their clients. The following information is required to file:

  • Employer Details of the CPEO / Section 3504 Agent: Name, EIN, and Address
  • Employment Details of the Aggregate Filer and Their Clients:

Easily E-File 941 Using These Instructions

Filing IRS 941 Form 2018 using TaxBandits

Although reporting and paying taxes due at the last minute can be stressful, TaxBandits provides you with simple Form 941 instructions that make it easy to meet today’s deadline.

Conveniently complete and transmit your IRS Form 941 for 2019 directly to the IRS using a simplified filing process to avoid hefty penalties. 

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File My IRS 941 Form 2019


Updated: October 10, 2019

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