Form 943 Joins The TaxBandits Line-up

Due to popular demand, the TaxBandits team is adding another IRS tax form to the current line-up! TaxBandits now support the electronic filing of Form 943.

What Is Form 943?

The Form 943 is officially named the Employer’s Annual Federal Tax Return for Agricultural Employers. 

This form reports the taxes and federal withholding from the wages of farmworkers.  

Who Should File Form 943?

According to the IRS, if you paid any wages to a farmworker that were subject to social security taxes, Medicare taxes or federal income tax withholding, you need to file Form 943.

To determine if you must file this form, you can use the $150 test or the $2500 test. If you paid one worker more than $150 during the tax year, you must file. If you paid several workers $2500 or more collectively, you must file. 

The IRS encourages you to file this form electronically, as it will be more convenient for them and for you.

What Information Do I Need To File Form 943? 

When you sit down to file this form, keep in mind that you will need the following information available to you.

  • Your legal name, address, and EIN
  • A final count of agricultural workers that you employed during the tax year
  • The amount of Medicare and Social Security taxes
  • The federal income tax withheld from their wages
  • Form 8974, if applicable
  • The deposit amount that you made to the IRS
  • Your tax liability, whether monthly or semiweekly
  • Your signing authorization 

What Are The Deadlines Associated With Form 943?

The annual deadline for filing Form 943 with the IRS is January 31. However, if you have made your payments both in full and on time, the IRS will allow you to file your Form 943 on February 10. 

How Do I File Form 943 with TaxBandits?

Filing you Form 943 electronically with TaxBandits is both easy and affordable with pricing at just under $5!

You can e-file your Form 943 in just 5 simple steps.

  1. Create a free TaxBandits account, and select Form 943. Then you can begin to enter your employer information (name, address, EIN).
  2. Enter your Medicare and Social Security tax information
  3. Enter the federal income tax withheld from your worker’s wages
  4. Enter your deposit schedule (monthly or semiweekly) and your tax liability information
  5. Review your form for any errors before it is transmitted to the IRS

See? That’s an easy process! Create your free TaxBandits account today and check out all of the ways that we can fulfill your tax filing needs!

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