I Missed The IRS Form 941 2019 Deadline: What Should I Do Next?

The day after a tax filing deadline can be stress-free or stressful 🤦

As a business owner, you are responsible to file 941 online quarterly to report employment taxes for your business. IRS Form 941 2019 also assists with calculating the employer’s portion of Social Security and Medicare tax.

The 3rd quarter deadline to e-file 941 was on October 31st. If you found yourself thinking: “I Missed The IRS Form 941 2019 Deadline: What Should I Do Next?” don’t worry, we have the answer to your dilemma.

I Missed The IRS Form 941 2019 Deadline: What Should I Do Next?

In a nutshell, if you missed the Form 941 for 2019 3rd quarter deadline you need to file with TaxBandits ASAP! The longer you wait to file the more penalties you will incur. Heads up: Those penalties are pretty expensive!

Form 941 Penalties

Filing and Paying Late

If you failed to file or pay your third quarter 2019 941 Form by October 31st this is what you can expect coming down the pipeline.

A failure-to-file on time results in a 5% penalty of the total tax amount due. You will be charged an additional 5% each month the return is late, for up to 5 months.

You will be penalized for paying late. Initially, this will be .5% of the unpaid tax amount and will be charged each month following the payment due date. The penalty increases to 1% of the tax amount ten days following a notice that they intended to levy.

This notice is a final warning that the IRS is prepared to legally seize your property to satisfy the unpaid tax debt. The IRS can garnish wages, withdraw money from your bank account or possess other personal property. However, the penalty will be capped at 25% of the total tax due.

Deposit Penalties

These penalties are for amounts that are incomplete or deposited late. For payments made 1 to 5 days late, you will be charged a penalty of 2% of the unpaid tax, whether the full amount or the remaining balance. Deposits paid 6 to 15 days after the due date will be charged 5% of the unpaid amount.

Once you exceed 16 days, you will be penalized 10% of the unpaid tax amount until ten days after you receive your first notice from the IRS. Following this, you will be charged 15% and must pay immediately, or the IRS will be given the legal right to seize the unpaid tax plus penalties.

Filing IRS Form 941 for 2019 After The Deadline

Form 941 Deadline E-Filing Checklist

When preparing to file, be sure to use this Form 941 for 2019 checklist, as the following information is required to complete it:

  • Total Employee Count
  • Medicare Tax and Social Security
  • Deposit Made to the IRS
  • Tax Liability (Monthly/Semiweekly)Stressed employer after missing the Form 941 deadline
  • Signing Authority Information
  • Online Signature PIN or Form 8453-EMP

Steps To E-File Form 941 for 2019:

Filing IRS Form 941 2019 is easy when you file with TaxBandits! Just follow these steps to complete your quarterly filing:

  1. Sign in or Create your TaxBandits account
  2. Select “Form 941”
  3. Add employer details
  4. Choose tax year/quarter
  5. Follow Interview-Style Process
  6. Enter the deposit made to the IRS
  7. Enter your deposit schedule and tax liability
  8. Add your online signature PIN or complete Form 8453-EMP
  9. Review, pay and transmit your form directly to the IRS.

How To Avoid These Penalties

The longer you wait to file, the more penalties you will incur.

Time is passing you by and penalties are steadily increasing. To avoid these hefty IRS penalties simply use TaxBandits to e-file and pay any owed taxes on time with our quick, easy, and secure step-by-step filing process.

If you have any questions about e-filing your first quarter 941 Form with TaxBandits, we are available by phone, live chat, and email to help!

File Form 941 For 2019


Updated: October 29, 2019

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