Payroll Service Providers Need This Tax Solution

Being a payroll service provider often means you have to outsource your e-filing, which can be a headache or a piece of cake – depending on how you file taxes online for your clients.

No partnership is perfect, but if you’re looking to escape restrictive contracts or costly subscriptions, then we might have the solution you payroll service providers are seeking.

A Tax Solution Designed For Payroll Service Providers

We know what you are thinking…another sales pitch? 😒 Not quite. We just want to welcome you to our ideology. Payroll tax solutions

TaxBandits believes in supporting business owners and tax professionals with a simplified tax e-filing solution that helps them take their time back and focus on what matters most. For you, that means helping the clients using your payroll services stay compliant. For us, that means helping you e-file without breaking the bank or breaking a sweat. Here’s how we do that:

1) Free Account

Yes, you read correctly. Unlike many other online tax compliance sites that partner with payroll service providers, your TaxBandits account is absolutely FREE. No monthly fee, no subscription required!

2) Pay-As-You-Go

When you want to file taxes online, some providers like to lock you into a contract. With Taxbandits, we follow a pay-as-you-go model. Eliminate those unnecessary startup fees, 30-day free trials that suddenly expire and charge your account, and especially contract signage requirements. 

What makes TaxBandits unique is that our clients are only required to pay for the months that they use our service! If you don’t file a form with us one month, you don’t have to pay a cent. Buy what you need, when you need it––and only when you need it. Save your clients money throughout the year, and give yourself the wiggle room you deserve.

3) Advanced API Integration

Tax professionals, payroll service providers, and business owners alike can easily generate and transmit tax returns using our advanced API integration. No more pouring hours into tedious upload sessions.

Improve your current workflow using your existing software integrated with TaxBandits API. 

TaxBandits API provides a secure e-filing solution that allows payroll service providers to simplify the way you prepare and transmit tax returns. 

Payroll tax solutions4) No Maintenance Required

We do all the work for you, so there’s no need to make daily updates to your account or even check-in until you’re ready to file. There is also no need to download a second version of our tax software to your desktop––TaxBandits is completely web-based. 

5) Real People, Handling Real Tax Issues

Don’t you hate running into issues and having to deal with an automated machine to get the answers you’re looking for? Well, that’s never the case with TaxBandits!

Our 100% US-based support team provides assistance via phone, live chat, or 24/7 email support to anyone looking to file taxes online. We handle all of your IRS forms in-house here in Rock Hill, SC so we can help you at any time, especially when an issue arises. 

Oh, and our support is totally and completely free. You don’t need to buy a premium package to get us on the phone. 😉 

Best of all, TaxBandits is an authorized IRS e-file provider (listed as SPAN Enterprises on the IRS website) and will immediately be contacted by the IRS if issues arise with your submitted forms. 

Easier, Faster Compliance 

Get more work done and keep your clients compliant with the help of TaxBandits! Whether it’s IRS Form 941, 1099s or W-2s, we have what you need to stay compliant. 

Create your FREE account today to avoid hefty penalties from the IRS. 


Start Hassle-Free Tax Compliance

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