Worried Bulk Filing Will Bankrupt You? Not Anymore…

TaxBandits' Prepaid credits allow you to bulk file without breaking the bankNow that it’s officially the holidays (no matter what the thermometer might say) you have to start admitting to yourself that the end of the year is closer than you think. And with the year’s end comes the filing of the IRS W2 form 2018, and your 1099s. And this year, TaxBandits has a way to keep you from breaking the bank: bulk filing prepaid credits.

Save When You Bulk File Your IRS W2 Form 2018

If you have large amounts of IRS W2 form 2018 or year-end 1099s to file, TaxBandits’ new prepaid credits can cut you a break. The prepaid credits are volume-based, which means that your discount fluctuates depending on the number of forms you have to bulk file. The more forms you have to file, the cheaper the prepaid credits for each individual W2 form will be.

Note: Pricing for the credits can be found on the W2 tab of your TaxBandits dashboard.

Why Bother With Prepaid Credits?

Because TaxBandits’ prepaid credits are as versatile as you. The credits can be used over multiple EINs, and they never expire. If you’re filing IRS W2 form 2018 for multiple organizations, you can buy all your credits in one fell swoop. However, if you prefer to buy credits one organization at a time you certainly have that option!

Because the credits never expire and aren’t tied to a single EIN, if you over-purchase for one organization, you can put the excess credits towards filing for another organization. However, please note that prepaid credits are nonrefundable, so try to tailor the number of credits you need to the number of forms you have, and avoid guesstimating.



Pick Your Prepaid Credits Package

You have two options for prepaid credits when you bulk file. One option, the Federal Plan, takes care of e-filing and transmitting your IRS W2 form 2018 order to the federal government. The Package Plan, alternatively, will cover w2 form transmittals to the federal and state governments, as well as paper distribution to your organization’s employees.

Once you input your credit card information and approve the transaction, the prepaid credits are automatically available; you don’t have to worry about lag time while the transaction clears before you can start bulk filing your W2 forms. Log into TaxBandits today and take these prepaid puppies for a spin!

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