TaxBandits Is Now Accepting your W-2’s And 1099’s for the 2019 Tax Year… Let’s Do This!

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Well folks, it’s January again. In the business world that means the January deadlines are fast approaching. We know that you are busy launching your business into the new year, that’s why the TaxBandits team is here to help you prepare for January 31st!

Instead of procrastinating and waiting until the last minute to file your W-2’s and 1099’s, file them now and start the new year strong! TaxBandits is now accepting both W-2’s and 1099’s for tax year 2019! We offer print, mail, and e-file options for these forms, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

TaxBandits helps you cover all of your bases with these key features…

Complete Filing Solution

TaxBandits helps you easily meet federal filing requirements, we transmit your W-2’s and 1099’s directly to the IRS/SSA. 

What are your state filing needs? Some states require state filing and others don’t. Don’t worry, TaxBandits is already a step ahead of you! We provide direct state filing of Form W-2 and 1099. 

How are you planning on furnishing your employees and contractors with their recipient copies this year? You can spend all your free time at the post office and go through more ink cartridges than you thought possible…or you can let TaxBandits do the work for you.

With our postal mailing option, you can rest assured that your employees’ forms will be waiting for them in their mailbox before the deadline!

Accuracy Is The Only Option

Mistakes are a thing of the past when you file with TaxBandits. Our software is designed to validate your data and catch any errors that may exist. 

We use TIN matching to be sure that all of your Employee’s Social Security Numbers are correct. We match them against the Social Security Administration database to ensure accuracy.

Your forms will also be checked against IRS/SSA business validations.

The Inbuilt error check feature is designed to prompt you when errors occur during your filing, we can help you fix these errors before your forms are sent to the IRS. 

TaxBandits uses USPS address validation to be sure that all of your recipient copies go to your employees’ correct addresses. 

Take Your Time Back

Do you have a large staff or are you a tax professional that is filing for multiple EIN’s? TaxBandits is here to speed up the process so that you can reclaim your time!

We eliminate the tedious task of entering each of your employee’s information into each form. Bulk uploading allows you to upload all of this information instantly by using our excel template.

Lock-In Your Best Pricing

When you file with TaxBandits you won’t be breaking the bank! Our services are a great value that won’t hurt your bottom line. You won’t have to worry about any annual subscription fees or the hidden charges that often come with a subscription. 

If you only have a few forms to file you can purchase them “a la carte” with federal filing as low as $0.50 per form. Do you have many employees or are you filing across many EIN’s for your clients? In this case, our volume-based pricing is a great choice for you! You can lock in the best pricing with our prepaid credits, not only do they save you money but they never expire! 

What’s New From TaxBandits in 2020?

Your employees probably check their inbox much more often than their mailbox…

That’s why we have added an online access portal! Now your employees can view and download their forms online.

There’s no need to worry about the sensitive data, our portal keeps your data safe and easy to access and download at anytime from anywhere! You don’t have to worry about data theft with our new TIN masking feature. Your TIN and your employee’s SSN will be masked on recipient copies. 

Your “to-do” list is probably already full…you don’t have to add complicated, outdated tax filing to it! With TaxBandits you can file like it’s 2020, not 1990! Create your free account today and get started with fast and accurate e-filing!

E-file as low as $0.50/form

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