Tell A Friend About ExpressTaxFilings

Over the past few years, our company has grown tremendously thanks to many referrals from clients just like you. At ExpressTaxFilings, you can tell a friend about our services, our products, and have them experience just how well we can streamline their tax filings.

Each of our products has a referral section where you can take a moment to recommend us to your friends.

To refer a friend, follow these simple steps:

   1.   Login into your account with your e-mail and password
    2.   Click on the “My Account” tab that’s located in your Dashboard


   3.   Click the “Referrals” link

   4.   Enter up to five contact names and email addresses


5.   Click the “Send” link
That’s all there is to it.

We, at ExpressTaxFilings, thank you for your enthusiasm in spreading the word and for your continued use of our services. If you need further assistance in e-filing any of our available tax forms, you can contact live professionals from our Rock Hill, South Carolina headquarters at (704) 839-2270, Monday through Friday, from 9am to 6pm Eastern Standard Time, email us 24/7 at, or chat with us live at

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