There’s Only One Week Left to File ACA Forms!

Heads up, people!

If you’re e-filing Affordable Care Act Forms 1094 and 1095 for your business or for someone else’s, you only have ONE WEEK LEFT to get everything complete and transmitted!

As of right now, all ACA Forms are due to be e-filed with the IRS by March 31, 2017, to report health insurance coverage offered during the 2016 tax year. We’ve already passed the paper filing deadline (February 28) and the recipient copy deadline (March 2), so all that’s left is the e-filing deadline!

Earlier this week, we talked about how you can e-file your ACA Forms with ExpressTaxFilings, and now we wanna let you know about our sister product, ACAwise! ACAwise is a full-service e-filing program exclusively for the ACA Forms, which means they can help you complete your entire ACA return without you having to lift a finger! Well, except to type your basic info out when you create your account and whatnot.

Basically, ACAwise’s process is this:

  • -You create an account and let us know if you want full service or full service plus Cross Walk.
    • -Full service: you upload all your ACA information however you have it, including the ACA codes and everything else needed to complete the forms.
    • -Full service plus Cross Walk: you upload your employee data however you have it and we’ll generate the ACA codes and other details needed to complete your return.
  • -You securely upload the information we need based on your chosen level of service in whatever format in which you currently have it.
  • -Sit back and relax while we create your 1094 and 1095 Forms.
  • -Review your forms once they’re done and transmit them directly to the IRS!

How easy is that?

Of course, if you prefer a little independence, you can always get your ACA filing done here with us at ExpressTaxFilings! Just whatever you do, make sure you have those ACA Forms e-filed by next Friday, March 31, 2017!

Happy e-filing!

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