Word On The Street is You Don’t Like Our Name

TaxBandits rebranding explanationTaxBandits?! What is that? Are you stealing our money?! What happened to ExpressTaxExempt and ExpressTaxFilings? These are all questions that we receive from our valued customers in and out of tax season. Rebranding is a difficult task for any company, and can sometimes lead to an unwanted misconception. Since word on the street is you don’t like our name 👀 we want to clarify a few things and assure you that we are still the same professional business that you have trusted for years.

How Did TaxBandits Come About?

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. 🛣

Since 2009, SPAN Enterprises, the parent company to TaxBandits, has developed and launched several tax e-filing solutions that have helped thousands of small businesses securely e-file their tax returns keeping them compliant with the IRS.

The journey first began in late 2009 with the development of UnitWise, a web-based business management program for Mary Kay sales directors. In just one year, UnitWise began to thrive and two new products were released–ExpressTruckTax & ExpressExtension. The creativity of SPAN continued to flourish as several new products were developed and released, and the company gradually became a leading name in the industry. From then until now, a variety of new products have launched, including, ExpressIFTA, ExpressTaxFilings, TSNAmerica, TruckLogics, ExpressTaxExempt, PayWow, and drumroll please 🥁TaxBandits!

Given the small cadre of tax products SPAN was amassing, it made sense to combine a few. The best features of ExpressTaxExempt and ExpressTaxFilings were incorporated into TaxBandits, but we understand that our new look was (and might still be) a little jarring.

Why the name “TaxBandits?”

As with any product that we create, our strategy team met to brainstorm unique ideas. After discussing (and debating) various names for the product, we chose the bandit name and the raccoon as our mascot because raccoon’s facial markings conveyed the vigilante-type services we offered. We hoped to play off the narrative of a big bad corporation who was stealing our clients’ time, and we wanted to help them take it back.

We’re still the same IRS-authorized tax professionals we were before, and if you’ll let us, we’re ready to earn our (tail) stripes.

Designed with small businesses, nonprofits, and tax professionals in mind, our aim as TaxBandits is to provide each user with a simplified and stress-free way to e-file, using an IRS-authorized tax filing software that you can trust. Your time is yours; our goal is to give you some of it back.

We may look playful but we always take our business seriously!

TaxBandits realized we had some explaining to do...Don’t Let The New Name Confuse You

Although the name “TaxBandits” may have thrown you off course when you first heard of it, we hope you have gained a better understanding of the logic behind the brand after reading this blog. TaxBandits is simply one large umbrella that houses several of our outstanding tax filing solutions.

Whether it’s a 990 Form for your nonprofit organization, or employment tax forms like Form 941, 1099, W-2, and more for your small business, TaxBandits is and will always be a professional business providing the best small business tax filing solutions to thousands of clients. With 20+ supported forms, 50,000 happy tax filers, and over 400,000 tax forms successfully transmitted, success starts with TaxBandits!


Take Your Time Back

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