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An updated solution for your recipient copies!

The tax season is not only here, but it is in full swing! We all know that 2020 was a stressful year for business owners, and tax professionals, and well…everyone. When it comes to your year-end reporting there is something that you won’t have to worry about this year, distributing your recipient copies. 

With so many employers overcoming obstacles like working remotely and making adjustments, the Online Access Portal eliminates the need to mail physical copies to your employees and recipients. Take a short-cut for both yourself and your employees this year, with TaxBandits’ Online Access Portal. 

What is the Online Access Portal?

The Online Access Portal is a secure portal where your employees and recipients can view and download their form copies of Forms W-2, 1099, and 1095. You can choose this option in addition to postal mailing or instead if you want to go paperless this year. 

This is a great way to ensure that your employees and recipients have access to their forms when it comes time to file their income tax returns. This is a great option for businesses that are operating remotely due to the pandemic. 

How does the Online Access Portal work?

The Online Access Portal is the definition of simplicity! You can choose this option during the e-filing process. All you need to grant your employees and recipients access is their email address. 

Once your forms are transmitted to the appropriate federal and state agencies, your recipients will be sent a secure link via email. All they have to do is follow the link and TaxBandits will prompt them with instructions to set up their account. 

This can be done in minutes, then your recipients can access their forms at any time. Any forms that you file for them will be updated in their account, for example, if you file a corrections Form W-2c to amend their Form W-2. 

Check out this video for more information!

Is the Online Access Portal safe? 

Yes! As a SOC2 Certified IRS authorized e-file provider, data security is at the forefront of the TaxBandits application. Your recipients will sign into their account using their email ID and TIN Number.

Once they enter the correct email address and TIN Number, they will be sent a One Time Access Code. Without this code, they can not access their account. This ensures the security of your recipient’s tax information. Also, you will have the ability to disable your employee or recipient access at any time. 

At TaxBandits we’re all about accuracy, simplicity, and security. To begin e-filing your year-end forms today, create a free TaxBandits account!

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