We Support 16 States for E-Filing Form W-2

Do you need to file Form W-2 with your state? ExpressTaxFilings.com provides e-filing of Form W-2 for 16 states. You can even take care of both Federal and State filing all at once (for most states). We have worked closely with the IRS and are an IRS Approved E-File Provider. E-filing with your state is simple and I will clue you into the process in just a moment. First, I wanted to answer a few questions.

I bet you are wondering….

How do I e-file my W-2s with my state?
What a great question! Since no two states are alike, you may be required to file with additional information, electronically, or not at all. Now, to e-file your W-2 with your state, using ExpressTaxFilings.com, the process is very simple. You will need to create an account. Then make sure you have all the information needed to file.

 Side note: If you are filing 250 or more W-2s, you are required by the IRS to e-file. 

If you have a lot of information to enter, we provide a Bulk Upload Feature to make completing the forms much faster. Once you have filled in all the required areas, we will run a quick error check to make sure there isn’t any missing information. After that, you will be prompted to transmit the form to your state, or to your state and IRS. When the form has been successfully transmitted, we will send you notification and a receipt via your email address. See how easy it is by pressing Play….

Am I required to file my W-2s with my 1099s to my state?

Another fantastic question! The requirements will depend on your state. The whole filing process is very state specific. Some states will require W-2s & 1099s to be submitted using the same exact form, but with different copies; one for each. Others allow for all form filing in a single submission, and then there are states thats have completely different forms for submitting W-2s & 1099s. For every state, we have listed the state filing requirements to save you a bit of time.

Here is a complete list of the states supported by ExpressTaxFilings.com for e-filing of Form W-2:

             Alabama                Kentucky                   Oregon                             Vermont
             Connecticut          Massachusetts         Pennsylvania                  Virginia
             Delaware               Michigan                    Rhode Island                   West Virgina
             Illinois                   North Carolina           South Carolina                 Wisconsin

E-filing your W-2 with your state is made easy with ExpressTaxFilings.com. You can always give our Customer Support Professionals a call if you have any questions. We are located in Rock Hill, SC and can be reached via phone: 704-839-2270 or email: support@expresstaxfilings.com

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