How To: Retransmitting A Rejected Return

If you have found that your 1099 or W-2 was rejected, don’t panic it can all be fixed. It is very easy to retransmit a rejected return through ExpressTaxFilings. There are only a few steps to follow:

Step 1. Getting Started
Once logged into your ExpressTaxFilings account, you will be able to see your return listed in the ‘Rejected Forms’ section. Under ‘Action’, on the right side, you will select ‘Show Error’ to see exactly what needs to be corrected.

Step 2. Making Corrections and Retransmitting

Form 1099 – Because the return has not been accepted, you can simply access your return listed on the Dashboard page and make any needed corrections. Then you will only need to re-transmit your return.

Form W-2 – Lucky for you, if your W-2 was rejected then you don’t have to file a separate form to make corrections. Instead you will be able to access your rejected return and make any needed corrections then retransmit your return. Form W-2 rejections are rare, so if you need to correct an accepted return, you can check out my blog – How To: Making Corrections To Form 1099 & W-2.

Will I Be Charged To Retransmit My Return?
There is no extra charge to retransmit a rejected return through ExpressTaxFilings. You have the options to submit a return as many times as it takes for the IRS to accept it.

If you have any questions about retransmitting a rejected return or you are not sure why the return was rejected by the IRS, give our ExpressTaxFilings Support Team a call at 704-839-2270 or send an email at

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