How Gig Economy Companies Can Benefit From TaxBandits API: A Deep Dive

Automating your IRS e-filing process with our API solution could be a game-changer for your business!

Gig Economy Companies Can Benefit From TaxBandits API

Managing tax compliance involves numerous aspects. For any business, including gig economy companies, finding a centralized solution to address all these challenges can be quite daunting. However, this is precisely where the TaxBandits API steps in!

This blog provides an overview of TaxBandits API Integration and the many ways it can benefit businesses in the gig economy. 

Manage Tax Compliance Right From Your Software

TaxBandits API offers a streamlined solution for ensuring tax compliance directly from your software. With seamless integration, you can effortlessly incorporate tax compliance checks into their existing systems. 

Our API allows you to verify and validate tax-related information, such as TIN, tax rates, and filing requirements, ensuring accurate and up-to-date tax data. Not just that, by leveraging our API, you can proactively reduce the risk of costly errors and reduce the possibility of rejections significantly. 

Eliminate the Intricacies of Manual Processes Through Automation

Starting from collecting W-9s to filing appropriate 1099 forms for each of your contractors, you may have a lot of boxes to tick, which involves a lot of manual processes and paperwork. But, no worries. TaxBandits has got you covered!

Each of your tax preparation and filing processes can be made simple and automated right from your software through TaxBandits API integration, enabling you to ensure tax compliance without much manual intervention. Here is how:

Form W-9 Automation

For a gig economy company, one of the critical facets of tax compliance is obtaining W-9s from contractors. Our API enables you to automate the collection of Form W-9 from your contractor in two ways. You can either share a link with your contractors for completing W-9 via email or let them complete their W-9s using an embedded secure URL right when they are onboarded in your software/portal.

W-9 automation with TaxBandits involves certain validation such as TIN Matching on the W-9s collected to ensure that the TIN information matches the IRS database, ensuring accuracy. Once validated, the W-9 data will be securely stored in TaxBandits.

Automation of 1099 E-filing 

In order to complete the filing of applicable 1099 forms such as Form 1099-NEC, Form 1099-K, or 1099 MISC, etc., two things are required – W-9 data and Payment details.

In light of that, our 1099 transaction API allows you to record the payout transactions made to the contractors throughout the year. These transactions can be added either manually or uploaded in bulk and can be reconciled with your system.

Once the required data is available, TaxBandits will automate the 1099 process by generating the 1099 Forms applicable to each contractor at the end of the year based on the IRS Business Rules. You can preview and approve these forms. Once done, these 1099s will be e-filed with the IRS and respective states.

Distribution of 1099 Copies

In addition to your e-filing needs, TaxBandits can also handle recipient copy distribution. TaxBandits offers two distribution solutions. You can either have the recipients receive a hard copy of their 1099 forms via Postal Mailing or let them access and download the digital form copy via secure Online Access.

Enhanced Security and Monetization Opportunities

With the TaxBandits API, you never have to worry about the security of your data. We are SOC-2 certified and have required security measures in place to make sure that all your data, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), are completely secure with us.

Furthermore, with this integration, you can pave the way for more monetization opportunities within your software. 

Integrate Your Gig Software with TaxBandits API Today!

TaxBandits API can be integrated with your gig software seamlessly. Our comprehensive documentation provides detailed instructions with sample requests and responses for each endpoint, elaborating how our API can be used.

Using our Sandbox environment, you can develop, test, and perform an end-to-end simulation of the e-filing process. In case of any queries, you can get in touch with our developer support anytime!

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